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Do I Need To Upgrade My Fuse Box?

A properties electrical system is managed, distributed and protected by its Fuse Box,

New fuse boxes give you a great deal more safety in your home or office than

older units. Older units with rewireable fuses can also be difficult to fix

if a fault occurs as new fuse wire needs to be fitted. A fuse board upgrade

will give you peace of mind that your home’s electricity is safe.

Your Wiring

When fitting a new fuse board we can check and test the wiring in your

property will to ensure that it meets current safety standards using our electrical testing equipment.

Your Earthing / Bonding

For your electrical system to be safe in the event of a fault occurring electrical wires are placed in and around your property that are called ‘earth’ wires. These are normally in all plugs, cables, sockets and lights.

If a fault occurs these earth wires give the electricity a place to go and minimise the risk of electric shock.

In a modern home your gas and water supply must also be connected to an earth as their metal pipes conduct electricity. When installing a new fuse board we can check to ensure that your water, gas and oil pipes are all

connected in a safe manner to the electrical earth. This is crucial for your electrical safety.

Is your home in need of an electric fuse box upgrade?

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Residual Current Devices (RCD)

A residual current device (RCD) is a electrical safety device that turns off the electricity supply automatically if there is a fault in either your wiring or something you plug in and use.
RCD’s are far more sensitive than normal fuses and circuit-breakers and so provide you with  much needed extra protection against an electric shock.

Having an RCD can save your life. An RCD constantly monitors the electric current flowing around your system. If it detects electricity flowing down an unintended path, such as into a person who has touched something live,  it will switch the circuit off very quickly, thereby significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury. Circuit breakers and wire fuses can take significantly longer to turn off the power and this can prove fatal if a person was getting an electric shock.

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