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There are a few different reasons that bring people to consider rewiring a property. Whatever this is Alex Brewster Electrical is geared up to deliver a great quality job at a fantastic price.

Electrical Re-wiring – get an Free Estimate or Contact me today

Indications That You May Need To Re-wire…

  • Result of a Periodic Inspection Report that has failed wiring
  • Lighting or sockets have stopped working
  • Presence of deteriorating rubber coated wiring
  • No earthing present in lighting circuits
  • Older round pin sockets and round light switches
  • Braided flex hanging from lighting roses

If any of the items above are present in your property your wiring system is likely to be several decades old…

Do You Need To Rewire?

The first thing you need to establish is whether you need an electrician to rewire your property. Re-wiring is a major job and requires a significant disruption to a property. Rewiring can be described as a majorly disruptive job to carry out due to the routing of cables in walls, under floors and above ceilings.

Is re-wiring the only option?

In some cases other upgrades, such as adding a new fuse box and fault finding, can be all that is required for you to gain a certified safe electrical system.

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is a detailed inspection of your electrical system that will give you a complete picture of what is required to bring your electrics up to a safe certified level in accordance with BS7671, the British Standard for Electrical Installation.

The PIR is not always required as there are times when I will be able to advise you just by looking at an installation. For example; if you have old rubber sheath cable like the picture opposite then it is highly likely that you will need to rewire as this cable deteriorates rapidly over time and was phased out in the 1960’s.

Items such as ‘Bakelite’ light switches or a 1940’s / 1950’s fuse box are also good indicators that a rewire will be required.

Electrical Re-wiring get an Estimate or contact me today…


If you are unsure of the wiring in your property and would like to get a clearer picture then get in touch and I can give you free advice on how you can proceed.




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